Maybe you have never heard of Leroy Remer, but chances are you have seen The Highlander, or even more likely, The Hobbit. Leroy has made exact movie swords/knives for people involved in these famous films. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. His custom knife work spans nearly four decades and thousands of amazing custom works of art.

1980s Buck Custom Shop 904 Subhilt Bowie

Leroy began his custom knifemaking career as the Buck Knives first custom knife maker. During his 17 fruitful years in the custom shop, he hand crafted hundreds of those fantastic customs which are now rarely seen on eBay and at knife shows due to their singular desirability. He was involved in some of the most memorable projects at Buck Knives. He personally designed many of those now famous classic models, including the custom Skinner series, and the terrifyingly awesome 904 Sub-Hilt Bowie. He introduced the radius grind to Buck’s line of custom knives. He even helped create the legendary 184 Buckmaster Navy Seal Knife.

Era 2000s Buck Subhilt Bowie

Today Leroy leads the industry in one-of-a-kind knife creations. He consistently produces American quality knives in the finest tradition. He has worked with Chuck Buck, David Yellowhorse, Paul Bos, and many other leaders in the knife world. Though he runs his own company now, Triple-R-Knives, he still serves the Buck Knife community as the Buck Collectors Club custom knife maker, customizing all models of Buck Knives and still creating his own masterpieces.

So whether you are interested in movie knives and swords, Buck Customs, customized knives, or just one of his expensive one-of-a-kinds, be sure to get a piece of the action – this guy is a living legend.

Leroy is making a limited number of the knife shown here with a copper guard, similar in style to his original 904 Subhilt design. This is only available from ePrague Knives and has been a very enjoyable project to work on. These are etched with Leroy Remer’s logo RRR.

Custom RRR Subhilt Style Bowie - Made for ePrague Knives
Custom RRR Subhilt Style Bowie – Made for ePrague Knives

So far he has made 20. There were 10 satin finished, and 10 mirror polished. We are having him make some more, but in limited quantities. So if you want one of these, at a fraction of the $1000+ price of the Buck 904 now is the time to buy the RRR SUB HILT style bowie! Should be back in stock spring 2019.