We all want to impress while carving that turkey on the big day.  Now whether it is the host, hostess, or a talented guest doing the work, there are some necessary tools one must have on hand when it comes to cutting with ease and presenting a spectacularly-carved bird.


There is a massive difference between inferior and superior knives.  You want to start with the best carving tools, and these must be razor-sharp to prevent shredding the meat, ultimately ruining the final presentation on perhaps an otherwise outstanding cut of meat.  You want for your guests the takeaway that getting together means a lot to you, more than some meat shredded and stacked on a platter, no matter how tasty it might be — and kudos on that — but that is only half of it.  A crisp, clean look to the main feature of the meal means “I am grateful for all of you.  I spent time on this carving because it is going to taste amazing”.

In fine, you want this:

So, you need a good hone or steel for your knife block.  ePrague currently offers a Shun sharpening hone.

To get most of the meat off the breastbone, sever the legs and wings from the rest, and clean up the small bits which are delicious, but found in tight spaces between bones, the boning knife gets all the attention.  We have these stunning Hyabusa , Masahiro G Seki , Masahiro,and  Shun Edo to offer, direct from Seki, Japan


The carving knife makes the presentation “pop”!  Some prefer serrated, others non-serrated.  The important part is that the knife is long, thin, and sharp, with the right feel in the hand.  Choose from fine makers like these:

Kitchen Knife

Hyabusa Gyuto, Masahiro Yanagiba, Shun Edo Dual Density, Vitorinox, Kinryu, Seki Cut

And of course, you are going to need a board to carve on, like this one from Epicurean:


You may just want to splurge and become Buck Royalty:


Happy Thanksgiving from ePrague Knives!

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