Is There a Difference Between the Phrobis M9 and Buck 188 Bayonets?


The short answer to the question is no, there is not a difference between these bayonets. Why? Because they were all made by Buck – at least the USA made versions. The Phrobis International blades were made by Marto of Spain. But otherwise, Phrobis combat knives were made by Buck Knives. The exception being hand made knives that were actually produced in-house by Phrobis, along with a few other possible minor exceptions.

The M9 Bayonet is one of the best known bayonets in American history. Since we happened to have several in stock at the same time, we decided to produce a youtube video on them. In it we give a broad overview of the M9 development by using examples of various knives made by Phrobis and Buck. This is a review of 10 knives, using Richard Neyman’s book, M9 Bayonet: The Authorized History as a guide.

Buck 188, Phrobis M9, Combat Utility Knife, Modular Field Knife
Buck 188, Phrobis M9, Combat Utility Knife, Modular Field Knife

The Knives pictured above are as follows, beginning with left-top going to the right:

  1. Buck 188, made in 1989.
  2. Custom Buck 188, made circa 1990
  3. Phrobis International M9, made in 1990. Blade by Marto, Spain
  4. Phrobis International M9A1, made 1990-1991. Blade by Marto, Spain
  5. Buck 188, made in 1996
  6. Buck 188, made in 1997. Last year of Buck production
  7. Buck custom M9, more recent custom by Joe Houser
  8. Phrobis International Combat Utility Knife, made 1990-1991. Blade by Marto, Spain
  9. Phrobis Modular Field Knife, made 1991
  10. Phrobis Combat Utility with Buck Custom stamp. Blade made circa 1991, Buck custom made/finished in 2014.
Buck 184 Buckmaster and M9 Bayonets
Buck 184 Buckmaster with M9 Bayonets and Related Knives

Although Phrobis made over 300,000 of the original standard M9 for the military and it is the easiest to get a hold of, we happened to not have one at the time of filming. But we did have a custom version, made by Joe Houser at Buck’s custom shop while doubled as an example of a custom and the original standard run as well.

The M9 Bayonet is an iconic bayonet. It has served our military very well and has played roles in the most important military events of our time.

Please watch the video to get the full scoop on the M9 Bayonet and some related knives as well, such as the Combat Utility Knife and Modular Field Knife.