ePrague Knives has been going strong for a decade.

Welcome to our improved and updated website! All new product is available on ePragueKnives, so keep an eye out here for the most recently updated in-stock knives!

As our buyers know, we trace our humble beginnings back to eBay and the “glory years” when we had nearly every hit for “Buck Knife” on the first page of an eBay search. It was a little easier to get seen back in those days. Now much larger companies are going to eBay, Amazon, etc to sell product and the eCommerce industry is much more competitive. Am I wrong? Nope. But you roll with the punches and grow where the industry leads you. That is why ePrague is still just as competitive as it was before. Our product lineup has changed with trends and we are now bigger than ever and still growing thanks to our growing faithful customer base.

So, what started as a small family business has outgrown its beginnings. It all started in Post Falls, Idaho, where we began a great relationship with the people over at Buck Knives. For years we have offered limited edition buildouts to our customers. Over time, however, we added Kershaw and CRKT brand knives, and knives made in Seki, Japan, while acquiring huge knife collections which broadened our stock to include numbers of vintage knives and scarce discontinued items. These still play a big part in our business. We love the difficult to find knives. Researching knife history is a lot of fun.

We are constantly adding new product to our website, and from now on you will find our new product listed firstly on our website, ePragueKnives, before being listed on other channels such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. And, as our thousands of customers know, our performance in customer service, shipping, and returns is the same no matter where you buy from us. We would rather have you purchase directly from our website because then we don’t pay the big fees from selling elsewhere. We make no bones about that, why not save money? But, we do offer 5% off of our website price for you with the discount coupon – sign up for our Newsletter to get the code!

While our company is a decade old, our roots in knives go back much further. Jacob, the founder and president of the company, was making knives in his teens, learning the trade of craftsmanship from his father and grandfather. Pictured are three knives, the top was made by his grandfather, the center by his dad, and Jacob made the bottom knife. The latter continues the trade and hopes to pass the skill on to his own children.

Knives are a part of our daily life, and we hope to keep you supplied with that perfect “EDC” or “Safe Queen” for many years to come. If you are a customer already, thanks for reading, and if you are new, welcome!