The people of Seki, Japan were so generous during this fantastic visit. They shared their homes and food, and shared the amazing qualities of their country with enthusiasm. The knife culture is alive and well in Seki.

Mcusta Factory
Mcusta Factory

Driving around, you will see famous names on factories – G Sakai, Mcusta, Moki, Kai, Hiro. These and many other makers abound there, not to mention the sword makers.

Mcusta is one of the Japanese knife brands that we carry. As a dealer, ePrague carries a broad selection of these quality Seki made knives. The same factory produces Silky scissors too, and they are the finest you will find!

The Mcusta factory has a showroom across the road, so if you go there, make sure to see the stunning knives for sale.

Japan is beautiful to visit in the fall. The changing season to winter is at hand and the leaves changing color creates a magical atmosphere. The first picture above is the old village of Takeyama – a spectacular place to see!

Keep an eye out for many new models from Japan!