We had a GREAT time at Blade Show this year! This was the biggest ever and we connected with many of our current distributors and got on board with new ones as well.

Kiku Matsuda. Tactical Knifemaker of Seki, Japan

One exciting new line of products comes from master knifemaker Kiku Matsuda from Seki, Japan. LOOK NOW to see our full lineup! He actually visited our store before Blade Show, but anyway, we picked up several new knives from him. Most of you probably know of his knives due to his collaboration with SOG in producing the SOG Kiku.

Jake Hoback Custom Knives, made in Idaho

Another new line comes from custom knifemaker Jake Hoback. Hoback Knives makes a sturdy knife! CHECK OUT our full lineup now!

Blade Show 2018

Jacob picked up some scarce knives along the way. Keep an eye out over June and July for these beauties to come online!

Blade Show advice:

1. Get your hotel reservations and airline ticket early.

2. If the Atlanta Braves are playing ball, think twice about staying at the Hampton across the freeway from the Galleria – difficult to access with vehicle, but at least you can walk to the show.

3. Early Bird pass gets you in at 12 noon – nice to be in before 2 pm.

4. Buy the knife you are looking at right away, because when you come back chances are it will be gone!

5. Have fun!