The original French Butterfly Knife from the 16th Century has become what we call today the Balisong, derived from the Phillipine phrase meaning “broken horn”.  This modern connotation sticks because once these were introduced to Phillipine knifemakers during the Spanish Colonization they handled them with various animals’ horns, and these models are what current butterfly knives are modeled after.  These expressive pieces of collectible cutlery are useful not only as a superior utility blade which combines graceful beauty and brute strength, but have been used as a choice alternative to a razor in shaving and are sought after by many martial arts enthusiasts and trainers.  Many collectors prize the Balisong in many makes and models.

Here at ePrague Knives we are excited to offer vintage knife making parts for Butterfly Balisong knives. Currently, we have two kits available. One has a blade made in Seki, and the other has a blade made in Taiwan. Assembly is easy, and you won’t have to be a master knife maker to enjoy these fantastic pieces of knife history. Assembly requires a ball peen hammer to set the two pins through the handle (it may be best to grind down the pins a little before peening).

We have also unearthed other butterfly knife treasures from Seki, Japan.  These offerings are new old stock, hidden for three decades; and you are not going to find these unused knives elsewhere! These should be online in early November. Click the link, BUTTERFLY KNIVES, to see our full line of vintage butterfly knives.

Valor 566 Butterfly Knife Kit
Valor 566 Butterfly Knife Kit

The Valor Corporation was established in Miami, Florida in the late 1960’s. The company enjoyed a good running until the early 1990’s, often contracting their fine work to factories in renowned Seki, Japan. Some of their models were used as official Army Special Forces Knives.

Here is an original vintage Valor 566 handle made in Seki, Japan. While this was made by Valor (acquired directly from Valor years ago), it is the same handle used on similar Parkers also from the 1980s era.You can use this handle and its matching blade to customize or refurbish other butterflies you already own. Available in parts or altogether, these Butterfly Knives are lots of fun.

Seki, Japan Kit
Seki Japan Butterfly Knife Kit

The other model has a more tactical feel to it, offered in powder-coated black metal and featuring a satin stainless, rather than black blade, and is offered in the same great three kit options.

The Balisong has become a Symbol of courage and strength.They also offer a fun pass-time for obtaining agility in martial art.There may be many butterfly knives around, but these Valor raritities from the 1980s will not be available for long.